Lisa Koch glass art

Yahara Lakes : Yahara Clouds ::: site specific light art installation, Olbrich Gardens ::: I was selected by David Wells to be one of the commissioned artists for Olbrich Gardens' GLEAM: Art in a New Light. This piece takes the 3D forms of Lake Mendota and Lake Monona and flips them upside down to become clouds, exemplifying how interconnected we all are as people to water in general (see artists statement) but also to our local lakes. The bottom of the clouds has a molecular patter to reinforce the molecular connection and they are installed over an active fountain to reinforce the movement of these molecules between us, the lakes and the greater world. Lighting within the clouds is programmed to have a dynamic presence varying from warm sunsets, blue sky, twinkly stars, and a thunderstorm. for more photos of the installation click here

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